Rates for the Services of Jorgia Northrup

2 Parties = $275/hr per party

3 Parties = $225/hr per party

4+ Parties = $175/hr per party

All rates have a 4-hour minimum.

An administrative fee of $150.00 per party will also be charged for each mediation. Rates and charges for the conduct of Arbitrations are available upon request.

Jorgia Northrup

When Legion recruits its neutrals, we work hard to ensure they are each personally gifted with the inherent blessings of strong ethics and moral character further developed by a wide range of education, training, and experience. We seek those who have significant actual training and experience in the business, education and legal worlds. We also seek those with great practical training and experience in life far beyond those professional communities. Then, there are those rare and special occasions where we have the great fortune of adding to our panel a neutral with all of the above and more. As we ceaselessly search high and low to continue to bring north Georgia only the finest neutrals best suited to resolve disputes from the most complex to the very simple, in walked Jorgia Northrup.

While Jorgia’s array of legal experience is remarkable, it is her experience and work ethic beyond the legal community that caught our eye. Jorgia moved to Atlanta in 1967. She attended The Lovett School, obtaining a partial scholarship and working part-time during high school to pay tuition. She went on to Davidson College where she graduated with honors in May 1984 helping to pay her way with student loans and work-study programs there as well.


After returning to Atlanta, Jorgia initially began a career in retail where she eventually found herself responding to a jury summons. Her interest in law was sparked. Continuing the theme of working her way through school, Jorgia’s schedule soon became consumed with full-time work in retail by day and Georgia State Law School at night. Through law school, Jorgia interned with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources before graduating in 1993 and starting her legal career in Gwinnett County.


Jorgia comes to Legion after extensive training and after 19 years with the Courts of Gwinnett County. Jorgia’s last assignment was perhaps most noteworthy: Associate Judge of the Gwinnett
County Probate Court. As a neutral, she is registered in: General Civil Mediation, Domestic Relations Mediation, Specialized Domestic Violence Mediation, and Non-binding Arbitration. She has mediated Probate, Domestic, and a vast array of civil cases of various types throughout her time as a neutral.
In addition to her time on the Bench, Jorgia has been a Staff Attorney and Senior Staff Attorney for the Superior, Probate and Magistrate Courts of Gwinnett County, where she gained experience in a wide variety of types of actions, as well as a law firm Associate with a General Civil Litigation firm in Lawrenceville where she specialized in school law and municipal law. Jorgia was even a part-time Instructor for Georgia State University School of Business teaching Legal and Ethical Environment of Business and Business Law.


Perhaps most interesting, is Jorgia’s artistic side. Through the years, she has enjoyed performing both classical and popular music with several groups, including church and secular choirs, high school and college groups, and bands such as Mrs. Paul and the Fish Heads. Euphoric Jilts, and Raising Lake, playing a variety of instruments including flute, keyboards, bass, percussion and guitar.

Married for the past 38 years with a son in Asheville, North Carolina, Jorgia is an avid volunteer for a variety of Community Service organizations, both legal and non-legal, and continues to enjoy hiking across the North Georgia mountains. Jorgia embraces the chance to help folks resolve just about any type of dispute imaginable.

If your dispute needs a neutral with not only extensive experience, but the character to lead the parties to resolution, schedule Jorgia Northrup.