Without question, the American Civil Justice System is the best in the history of the world. Despite all its faults, it remains the most important foundational element of our civilized society. The Founding Fathers of our great nation saw fit to include the 7th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to provide a system of civil legal redress for those with disputes. 

Legion Mediation is proud to be a small part of what makes our country special.

Courts at every level are kept busy with those seeking to resolve a dispute that cannot be resolved between parties amongst themselves. Most often, the disputes that cannot be resolved must be litigated. The ending result of litigation is a trial.

Litigating a case to trial, however, is rarely an easy endeavor. Given the difficulties of litigation, measures alternative to a trial have become so very important as disputes that cannot be resolved between parties in an amicable manner often end up requiring the help of others. 

Litigation is lengthy. Litigation is expensive. Litigation is stressful. Judges, lawyers, and those who regularly participate in litigation in other capacities know the lengthy, expensive, and stressful process of litigating all too well. 

Hoping to find a shorter, less expensive, and less stressful resolution method has given rise to the development of the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution or “ADR.”  While the concept of ADR does indeed help alleviate some of the length, expense, and stress of litigation, the practice of ADR in Georgia hasn’t gone far enough.

Enter Legion Mediation: there is no need to wait months to schedule ADR.

There simply is no need for outrageously expensive neutrals. There is no need to battle the stress and saddle the burden of fighting traffic and traveling to and from the big city for a service that can be better accomplished at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful Gainesville, Georgia.

Make no mistake. Legion Mediation does not provide the same service as the big city ADR companies… we do it better. We make every effort to accommodate our clients as we want to get disputes resolved timely, efficiently, and with as little stress on the parties and their counsel as is possible. 

Our team of experienced and effective neutrals not only showcase talent across just about every legal specialty imaginable in today’s civil justice world, we want to make sure your experience is most satisfying. 

For the parties, we want your dispute amicably resolved to allow all involved to move forward with their lives and place any disputes behind them. 

For counsel and carriers, Legion wants to see you time and again. We want to make your experience to be the best that it can be. 

Book a mediation or arbitration today and give us the opportunity to help you experience resolution made better. 

Legion Mediation – BETTER Resolution!


Whether an ADR event is court-ordered or voluntarily pursued, important cases need Neutrals who “fit” the best for the best chance at resolution.

Large, big-city-based mediation firms can be exorbitantly expensive, time-consuming, and extraordinarily burdensome.


Trust is earned over time. Our neutrals are well known in their respective areas of expertise and have the experience needed to find your case’s resolution.


Our office is located in Gainesville, GA, just an hour north of Atlanta. There is simply no reason to travel long distances for quality ADR services.


Our local neutrals facilitate unbiased and completely confidential discussions and negotiations until a fair resolution is reached.