Tom Lefevre continues to actively practice law at the law firm of Stewart, Melvin & Frost.

If this creates a potential conflict, please have your representative reach out to our offices to best address the potential conflict.

Rates for the Services of Tom Lefevre

2 Parties = $300/hr per party

3 Parties = $250/hr per party

4+ Parties = $200/hr per party

All rates have a 4-hour minimum.

Arbitration Rates Available Upon Request

An administrative fee of $150.00 per party will also be charged for each mediation. Rates and charges for the conduct of Arbitrations are available upon request.

Tom Lefevre

The past four decades have produced an astounding amount of change.

In 1980, the average household income was under $20,000.00. A new house cost less than $70,000.00. A new car’s average price was around $7,200.00. A ticket to the movies averaged $2.25 (“Best Picture” was Kramer v. Kramer). A postage stamp in 1980 cost $0.15. Perhaps most important to many, the 1980 Collegiate Football National Champions were the Georgia Bulldogs.

Across the span of four decades, change is inevitable, while stability and experience are invaluable.

Legion has an exceptionally strong appreciation for the year 1980 and the experience gained during the decades since. The year 1980 is the year one of our most accomplished neutrals, Tom LeFevre, entered private law practice in Gainesville, Georgia. 

In the more than forty years since, Tom has been a pillar of the practice of law in the Northeast Georgia region. Tom’s varied law practice has allowed him to develop expertise in commercial contract development, contract disputes, construction law, real estate law, zoning, eminent domain, landlord/tenant disputes, business relationships, probate matters, and a host of other general civil matters.

Tom graduated from the University of North Georgia (then North Georgia College) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science in 1976. He finished Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in 1980 and shortly thereafter met his wife of almost forty years. Tom married Susan Chambers in 1983. Tom and Susan (a Gainesville native and now retired preschool teacher) have three wonderful children: Ashley, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta; Jennifer, a teacher in Greenville, South Carolina; and Scott, an attorney and in-house counsel for a local petroleum company. Tom and Susan are especially grateful for their two grandsons and their granddaughter on the way.

Beyond the law, Tom’s contributions to the great community of Gainesville are equally impressive. Tom was a Gainesville Jaycee for many years and he has served on the Board for the Northeast Georgia History Center. Tom has also served as a Rotarian with the Gainesville Rotary Club for over 30 years and including service as a Director. Tom and Susan attend Gainesville First Baptist Church where Tom has previously served as Chairman of the Deacon Body and Chairman of the Pastor Search Committee. Currently, Tom is on the Board of the Edmonson Telford Center for Children where he has served for over 20 years.

Perhaps most important to Legion is Tom’s decades of experience in service as a neutral. In 1992, Tom completed mediation training at the Atlanta Justice Center becoming a Certified Mediator. Tom went on to receive early Neutral Evaluation Training in 1996 as well as Advanced Mediation training the same year. He was then certified as an Arbitrator in April 2002. Tom brings to Legion an incredible wealth of experience having conducted countless mediations throughout North Georgia over the past thirty years. 

Tom LeFevre brings Legion the blessing of immense experience. The respect and admiration he has earned both inside and outside the legal community easily measure up to any neutral in the State of Georgia. 

If you want the blessing of immense experience at your mediation, schedule Tom LeFevre.