Rates for the Services of Tim Klob

Workers’ Comp Cases

Virtual Mediation = $1,600.00 flat fee
In-Person at our Office = $1,850.00 flat fee

In-Person at your Location

2 Party Case: $225.00 Per Party Per Hour
3 Party Case: $200.00 Per Party Per Hour
4 Party Case: $175.00 Per Party Per Hour


Administrative Fee: $150.00 Per Party

An additional fee for mileage will also apply. Please contact the Legion Office for more information.

Non-Workers’ Comp Cases

2 Parties = $275/hr per party
3 Parties = $225/hr per party
4+ Parties = $200/hr per party


All rates have a 4-hour minimum.

Administrative fee of $150.00 per party.

Rates and charges for the conduct of Arbitrations are available upon request.

Tim Klob

Organizations compiled of people with the most diverse backgrounds often produce the best results. Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation companies are no different in that respect. Legion has the blessings of neutrals with backgrounds so diverse, just about any dispute imaginable can be addressed by a neutral with some level of experience in the applicable field.

Tim Klob, a retired Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, a former engineer, and a ukulele aficionado with a penchant for restoring vintage cars is Legion’s Renaissance Man. Tim brings an unmatched diverse background to Legion’s clients allowing him to relate to just about any scenario imaginable. Not only do parties embrace his congenial character, but they fully appreciate how easily Tim’s vast experience can relate to their life experiences as well.

As a neutral, Tim brings the meticulous attention to detail and systematic approach of an engineer coupled with a wealth of legal experience as a practicing attorney and former Judge to foster a resolution atmosphere that gains instant credibility with all parties. As one of Legion’s resident workers’ compensation and injury specialists, Tim has the unique ability to understand the concerns and perspectives of both sides of any claim, and particularly claims where liability is contested.


Tim obtained his law degree in 1994 from Georgia State University after having completed his undergraduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1988. For the decades that followed, Tim largely specialized in workers’ compensation law (representing both employers and insurers as well as injured workers) and personal injury and also served as a Gwinnett County Magistrate Court Judge. 


Not surprisingly, Tim is also a past President of the Walton County Bar Association and has been included in the peer-rated Georgia Super Lawyers list. In his free-time, Tim enjoys nothing more than serenading his family, inclusive of their rescue dogs, with ukulele talents enviable by all who’ll listen.

Give Legion a call and let Tim Klob’s diverse talents guide you to a just resolution.