Rates for the Services of Pam Doig

2 Parties = $150/hr per party

3 Parties = $125/hr per party

4+ Parties = $100/hr per party

All rates have a 4-hour minimum.

An administrative fee of $150.00 per party will also be charged for each mediation. Rates and charges for the conduct of Arbitrations are available upon request.
We at Legion Mediation firmly believe the foundation of all of society’s well-being begins and ends with domestic tranquility. While we are determined and committed to providing excellent service in finding a resolution in all types of cases, our domestic relations and family law experts are exceptionally cognizant of the overwhelming need for strong and effective, yet reasonable, domestic relations and family law mediators. If you have a domestic relations or family law case, please call us to discuss the rates associated with such cases.

Pamela A. Doig

Experience matters.

Legion values greatly its neutrals with extensive legal experience. Likewise, Legion equally embraces neutrals with practical, real-world experience.

The majority of disputes that cannot be resolved in the ADR process will one day be presented to twelve strangers with extensive practical, real-world experience, and more likely than not, very little, if any, legal experience.

Jurors are lay people, and it is the perspective of such lay people that can make non-lawyers so important to the ADR process.


Pamela “Pam” Doig comes to Legion after thirty years of service as an educator. In 2022, Pam retired as the Principal of Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy here in Gainesville. Recognizing the importance that practical experience brings to clients, Legion heavily recruited Pam.

Simply stated, there is no better person suited to resolve disputes than an established and well-respected educator who has mediated quarrels between children, parents, teachers, and others for three decades.

From the perspective of the views of real world jurors, we suspect there is very little Pam has not seen or heard. Pam’s creativity in helping folks with the deepest of disagreements reach common ground is a sight to behold.

Pam comes to Legion with an impressive history extending far beyond her service to Hall County families. Pam is a 2013 Graduate of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s premier leadership development program: Leadership Georgia. Recognizing her attributes as a leader among leaders, Pam and her husband, Peter, were then selected to be Leadership Georgia Program Chairs for the following year.

Pam’s leadership training also included her selection to Leadership Troup County, the ThINC. College and Career Academy, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Perhaps most important to her real-world credentials is Pam’s experience across the entire socio-economic spectrum of families.

Pam’s educator span of service covered Hall, Troup, and Harris counties. She has a wealth of knowledge in family and child custody matters, but there are very few disputes and issues arising among and between adversaries Pam has not encountered.


Pam graduated from the University of Georgia in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She then studied at the State University of West Georgia and obtained her Master of Education in Administration and Supervision in 1996.

Pam went on to complete her Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership in 1998.


Married for more than twenty years, Pam and Peter have two boys and live in Gainesville, Georgia.

Need an honest, real-world neutral to help you reach closure?